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Kitchen Accessories Organizer Rack Multi-function Spice Storage Condiment Bottle Storage Rack Tool Kitchen Gadgets


1. Drawer Design: Take it out immediately. no need to screw the lid. no panic when cooking.
2. Transparent Box: The margin is clear at a glance. ABS environmental protection material. easily distinguish the spices. no need to search.
3. Unique Sealing Design: Not susceptible to moisture. cup oblique month design. fit to the inclined surface of the inner wall of the box.
4. Enjoy Low-salt Life: Easily grasp the dosage. fix measuring spoon 2g. the amount of seasoning is more scientific and accurate.
5. Humanized Design: Intimate scoop button design. don't worry about spoon falling. Won't touch your hands when the cup is full. Don't be afraid of the spoon falling when the amount is small.
6. 400ml High Capacity: Large-caliber cup mouth design. load a bag of 500g salt.


Two grid size: 18.5cm*11.5cm*11cm
Three grid size: 26cm*11.5cm*11cm
Two compartments capacity: 800ML
Three compartments capacity: 1200ML
Note: single cup capacity 400ML

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